Virtual Shoe Fablab

Basics of developing footwear collections

Shoe designers use their design, trends, materials and manufacturing knowledge to conceptualize and develop new footwear.
In this learning unit, you will learn how to enter this world, develop the design of the footwear product and go through the styling process.
You will discover what a designer's office looks like, and what are the most used tools in this art, even the most innovative ones. You will learn how to develop shoe design concepts, do market research, and analyse trends and forecasts.
You will have the opportunity to approach the styling and design of footwear collections, how to learn about a mood/concept board, colour palettes, materials, drawings and sketches, and be able to see what activities these professionals carry out to create a footwear collection.


Video presentations of the main stages of each learning unit


Description of the most suitable profile(s) for the implementation of the learning unit