On-the-job training
using augmented reality

and Training
will never be
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Project/Agreement number 2020-1-PT01-KA226-094924
Duration 24 months, from 01-03-2021 to 28-02-2023.

The Project Rationale

The added value of learning-by-doing

FabLabs are shared workshops where students can access equipment and technologies to design and create footwear products, components, or accessories. They build on the learning-by-doing methodology that relies on simulations and experiential learning, allowing students to apply knowledge learned in classrooms to real-world situations.

The digitalFABLAB project will draw upon the new opportunities offered by Augmented Reality to propose a fully digital, immersive, accessiblefrom-anywhere, and appealing footwear FabLab that will provide an incomparable learning-by-doing experience to a wide audience. Students will learn how to solve problems in context, test their own knowledge, and apply it to practical problems. Because it is digital, the FabLab will also enhance students’ technological understanding and improve their digital literacy. In addition, the digital FabLab will offer engaging, attractive and up-to-date learning methods that today’s students are fond of, reach new potential footwear professionals by broadening the geographical scope of footwear VET, and allow footwear VET to keep up with the new reality induced by COVID-19.

Ensuring technology adoption across Europe

Along with the digital Fablab, project partners will elaborate a joint international course, certified at national level and recognised at EU level, for the development of practical skills for footwear students and other people interested in joining the sector. Because integrating new tools in education programmes efficiently needs practice, project partners will also develop a common methodology for Augmented Reality geared toward footwear VET teachers. It will ensure that teachers can learn how to master the programme and fully incorporate the digital FabLab into their regular curricula in a compelling way for their students.

Learning-by-doing is essential to acquire the right skills to produce quality footwear. By simulating real-world experiences with latest digital technologies, the project’s digital FabLab will offer a stimulating experience to students. In addition to its appeal, this FabLab – and the associated courses –will be accessible from anywhere in Europe, making it possible to reach new potential footwear professionals. Because Augmented Reality is still a fairly new technology, the project will also guide teachers to guarantee its good adoption and ensure that the tool is blended into learning programmes and used to its full capacity.

Who will benefit from our project's work?

- Trainers/teachers/coaches in the footwear sector looking to incorporate latest tools and technologies into their training programmes.

- VET providers, institutes and Higher Education institutions wanting to expand and diversify their training offer to attract more students and to start a paradigm shift in how practical skills for footwear manufacturing are taught.

- Students and trainees wanting to learn practical skills in footwear manufacturing in a precise, efficient and stimulating way.

Our goals

Over the course of this project, we will:

Create a free, entirely digital FabLab using Augmented Reality to teach and learn practical footwear manufacturing skills.

Elaborate a joint international digital course, certified at National level and recognised at EU level for the development of practical skills in footwear manufacturing.

Train VET teachers, trainers and coaches on how to implement digital learning-by-doing strategies to guarantee that such tools are well-understood and blended into learning programmes to their full capacity.

Establish a network of European VET providers committed to delivering the most advanced digital practical training in footwear manufacturing.

What can you expect from the Digital FabLab project?

DigitalFabLab will create free tools for teachers, schools, and students. Here's what you can expect!

An immersive virtual Shoe Fab Lab using Augmented Reality.

— A course for teachers on how to develop innovative and attractive content in Augmented Reality.

— A joint international learning-by-doing course using Augmented Reality tools.

— A common methodology course for teachers /trainers on how to teach using tools based on Augmented Reality.





Lead Partner

Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal
Rua de Fundões - Devesa Velha
3700-121 S. João da Madeira - Portugal

00351 256 830 950
[email protected]


Communication partner

Confederation Europeenne De L'industrie de la Chaussure Asbl
Square de Meeûs nº37 Bruxelles - Belgium
[email protected]



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