Questionnaire on training needs

This tool allows you to collect information about your training needs on footwear manufacturing related skills and knowledge. All information you contribute with will be treated confidentially and in an aggregate manner. It is therefore very important to be accurate and truthful. Please keep in mind that this is not an assessment, so, there aren't correct or wrong answers; this tool aims at simply trying to understand where you stand in terms of footwear manufacturing related knowledge and skills and give you some clues on your own possible development, using Digital FABLAB training opportunities. Thanks in advance for your time!

1. What is your professional profile closer to?
1.1 Designer
1.2 VET trainee
1.3 Professional of footwear industry
1.4 Footwear company manager / entreprene
1.5 Other
2. Where do you come from
2.1 Portugal
2.2 Italy
2.3 Spain
2.4 Romania
2.5 Poland
2.5 Other.
3. What’s your expectation regarding this training
3.1 To know more about footwear in general
3.2 To know more about footwear manufacturing
3.3 To know more about different methodologies for training on footwear manufacturing
3.4 Other.